Weekly Favorites

Ridiculous Fishing (App Game)
Red LOVES this game! It’s very simple yet challenging, and there’s two aspects to the game; the first is the actual fishing part, where you need to dodge fish and go as deep as you can. Once you hit the bottom, you can catch as many fish as possible on your way back up to the surface, and then once you reach the surface, you have to shoot them all to get points! You can rack up points to customize your fishing line, weapons, and apparel. 
I’ve been excited for WEEKS to attend this convention. I can’t wait to get inspired for the holiday season!
Overwatch Jacket
Red has been living in the Overwatch jacket he picked up at BlizzCon. It’s so warm and comfy, and I really won’t be surprised if I end up stealing it from him sometime soon! :p
I FINALLY finished Until Dawn! This was definitely one of the most intense games I’ve ever played. There are so many different endings and your choices really affect the game! 

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