Warcraft Premiere!

As many of you know, Red and I attended the spectacular Warcraft premiere last week!!! We’ve been fans of the Warcraft world for a very, VERY long time, so having the opportunity to see it brought to life was incredible and left us in absolute awe over the course of the next few days…

The premiere was at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre right on Hollywood Boulevard, and it was lovely running into so many of our friends at both the premiere and after party! It isn’t very often we get dressed up all fancy together. I really liked it!

We posed for pictures on the Alliance Throne AND the Horde throne, which was unreal. Can’t you tell I’m loving it!?

This movie is extraordinarily entertaining for all — even if you aren’t familiar with the background of the Warcraft story.

It was executed in a way that gave the perfect balance of introducing the concept while still giving the audience just the right amount of action.

Go out and see it!!!

Love, Cupquake

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