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We thoroughly enjoyed sharing our favorite games from 2015 with you guys. After researching upcoming game releases for 2016, we wanted to make a list of the ones we’re most excited for! From multiplayer madness or solo adventures to edge of your seat horror and thought-provoking mystery; every game listed is like a different ride […]

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Favorite Games of 2015!

One of our favorite roundups is devoted to the best games of the previous year. Many of them thoroughly blew our minds and reminded us how powerful video games are as an industry and artistic medium. Like most gamers, we cover a ton of different genres, but the ones listed below are the ones that always […]

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Weekly Favorites

Ridiculous Fishing (App Game) Red LOVES this game! It’s very simple yet challenging, and there’s two aspects to the game; the first is the actual fishing part, where you need to dodge fish and go as deep as you can. Once you hit the bottom, you can catch as many fish as possible on your way back up […]

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