Meme Face Challenge Part 2!

meme2Hey everyone! We loved doing part 1 of the Meme Face Challenge and everyone seemed to like it so we decided to do part 2! Let’s get started and tell us who you think won!

Cereal guy spitting face

1Captain Picard disappointed face


Desk flipping memedesk-flipDude come on facedude-comeonForever alone happy face forever-alone-happppyGenius face

geniusGotta badass face




Impossibru faceimpossibru

I’m watching u faceim-watching-u

Jackie chan facejackie-chan

Mother of god facemother-of-god

No faceno

Obama not bad faceobama-notbad

Reaction guy face


Spider man facespider-man

True story facetrue-story

Your pain amuses me faceyour-pain-amuses-meAnd here’s the video if you prefer that :)

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