Games We’re Excited for in 2016!

We thoroughly enjoyed sharing our favorite games from 2015 with you guys. After researching upcoming game releases for 2016, we wanted to make a list of the ones we’re most excited for! From multiplayer madness or solo adventures to edge of your seat horror and thought-provoking mystery; every game listed is like a different ride at the world’s best theme park. We are SO ready to ride all of these rides.

Without further ado, we present our list! We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on how they measure up to our expectations throughout the year. Let us know which games are at the top of your list for 2016!




“Mirror’s Edge Catalyst”

“No Man’s Sky”


“Job Simulator Unravel”



“Uncharted 4”

“Horizon Zero Dawn”

“Quantum Break”

“Dishonored 2”

“Final Fantasy XV”

“Attack on Titan”

“Gears of War 4”

“The Legend of Zelda”

“Star Fox Zero”

“Mighty No. 9”

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