Fan Art Feature: @TheCurlyArtist

Hello, everybody! I have some fun new fan art flying your way! <3 @TheCurlyArtist illustrated me in one of my most favorite cozy getups: my unicorno kigurumi! I love this so much because I look like I’m dancing my way through a super serious mission. Those shades always look so darn kawaii together, too. Baby blue, bright pink and a purple punch make up one of my fave color schemes of ALL time. When it’s wrapped right up into the softest onesie imaginable, I truly feel like a unicorn and refuse to take it off. I can’t wait until the weather gets chilly again so I can jump into this outfit and reenact her drawing. Just wait for it!

You can purchase one for yourself here!

And thanks, @TheCurlyArtist for the lovely surprise art! *High five!*

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