Fan Art Feature: @Quake_Canadian

While scrolling way back through fan art pictures recently, I came across one by @quake_canadian that made me so happy! What I was drawn to at first was my hair. Obviously. I mean…just look at it! She turned it into a sparkling galaxy! The different shades of pinks, purples, and blues all came together magically. Doesn’t it look like some type of distant nebulae beyond the Milky Way?!

I also l-o-v-e the dramatic eyelashes and bright pink lipstick, which perfectly matches the shade of Jolly Molly that I wear on my lips 24/7! And finally, that black and white Aztec design contrasts so well with the striking hair — and really made this piece of fan art stand out. Thank you, @quake_canadian! You’ve got real talent!

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