Fan Art Feature: @Chhelszeaa

This is the very first fan art dedicated to Cosmic Confetti that I’ll be sharing here! (Many more to come.) One of my favorite parts of that whole getup was the goggles — hands down! I had no idea they would translate so well into the art, either…such a nice surprise!

The glimmer from the colorful, kaleidoscope eyes to my sparkly purple lips is unbelievably uncanny! That was such a fun day, taking on the persona of a different character and getting down and dirty in the desert grass. My mom and I handmade the lacey dress together, so it’s very special. I’m super glad Chelsea found a way to dramatize and highlight it in this art.

The original photo was taken by the very talented @mcalister_, so I’m looking at this re-creation as an all around fun and unexpected collaboration between so many imaginative people! I’m talking to you, @Chhelszeaa! <3

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