Fan Art Feature: @abbeydrawss

Hi guys! It’s almost the weekend! Hope you all had a wonderful week. One of my favorite things to do is check out the different types of fan art I’m tagged in. You’re all so creative and talented, and you keep me inspired with your unique styles and techniques. This one by @abbeydrawss definitely caught my eye because it shows me with my purple hair all scooped up into a gigantic bun (which is something you don’t see very often)!

Abbey paid so much attention to the detail of my facial features here and even made sure I was wearing my moon choker, which is so very special to me. With the exception of my bright hair, I love the palette of neutral and earthy colors, but what I enjoy most of all is how peaceful I look. <3

Keep sending your fan art! It makes me so happy, and I have so much fun sharing my favorites!

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