Cool Pencil Case Giveaway Update!

UPDATE: The 4 winners have been chosen and emails have been sent out! Thanks again everyone! If you didn’t win, don’t worry, I will be having more giveaways like these soon!


Hey Everyone!

So Red and I have been really busy lately and we  just mailed out 4 of the 8 prizes for the Cool Pencil Case Giveaway. The remaining 4 prizes have been unclaimed by their winners SO we need to pick out 4 NEW winners. So this is how we are going to do it:

– This is a First Come, First Serve Basis Giveaway
-Leave a comment below with your Name and Country you currently live in
-The first 3 comment entries that state their country(Non-USA) will win a Cool Pencil Case Prize
-The first U.S. Resident to leave a comment entire will win the only remaining U.S. Cool Pencil Case Prize
-If you are a winner, you will receive an email today, by me, requesting further information to mail out the prize to you!

It’s that simple and easy! Once we have the 4 new winners, this post will be deleted and the prizes will be mailed out. Thanks everyone!


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