Community Spotlight: XSimSugar

Everyone, meet the lovely Laura (also known on YouTube as XSimSugar)! She’s not only passionate about gaming…she’s addicted to it! She’s from a super small town in Scotland, so gaming gives her that real sense of escapism.

Her game of choice? Anything and everything involving SIMS, of course! Although, she does engage in a little bit of Minecraft every now and then. Her subscribers absolutely LOVE how talented she is when creating her characters — she’s really got a knack for making some of the prettiest Sims I’ve ever seen — which is why it was spot-on for her to launch a Sims 3 “Perfect Genetics” series! Honestly though, if you’re ever seeking inspiration in the “Create-A-Simmer” department, she’s your go-to girl! Subscribe to her channel HERE! 

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