Chalkboard Mug

Hey Everyone! Today we’re also going to making a Chalkboard Mug which would make an excellent gift for V-Day! This is really easy and simple to make so lets get started!

You’re going to need:

Non Sanded Grout

A mug

Latex paint (preferably the glass paint kind)

Painter’s tape

Sand paper

A paintbrush

A disposable cup and something to mix with

And chalk

Tape off the mug all the way around (keep as straight as possible). I suggest the bottom portion because human’s lips meet the top of the mug

Tape off the handle also

Sand the portion you will be painting so it sticks better to the mug

Let’s mix some paint and grout. The ratio of paint to grout is 8:1 so for every cup of paint mix one tbsp of grout. Mix until well blended (no clumps)

Start painting

Paint as smoothly as possible. Let the first coat dry for one hour and start another coat with fresh paint//grout

Peel off very carefully

Once the 2nd coat has dried for ten hours, apply some chalk to the paint. Rub with a paper towel afterwards



These are so easy to make and come out pretty cool! If you decide to try this (maybe another base paint?), tweet me an image at @ihascupquake

Thanks for watching!

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